Send Books

Travis enjoys reading, but the prison library is incredibly limited.  He is eager to read anything that he can learn from.  He enjoys books about the outdoors such as trapping and fishing, as well as books about the criminal justice system, and stories of people whose families didn’t give up on them.  In order to receive books, they must be shipped directly from the store, so we maintain an Amazon Wishlist of books we think he may like or that he has requested.  If you feel inspired, please send Travis a book.  If you have a suggestion of something you think he may like that isn’t on the list, please email a recommendation and we’ll add it!

Send Mail

If you would like to write to Travis, please email and we will give you the correct address and mail rules.  He would appreciate letters or holiday cards.


Proceeds from sales from our Threadless shop will go to Travis’ commissary and phone fund.  Travis has close family both inside and outside the continental United States. International calling from the prison is very expensive, and we’d like to help him maintain contact with his loved ones.


You can also help Travis by contributing directly.  He needs to hire post-conviction counsel.  Even a small donation can help him with phone and commissary costs.  Donation fund managed by Travis’ fiancee.